Thursday, December 5, 2013

San Carlos Elms Getting into the Holiday Spirit with a Little Tree Trimming

Each year we have a traditional tree trimming with, eggnog, cookies and holiday music. It was a magical afternoon as each resident pitched in how they could. Some would put hooks on the trees, some would just hang the ordainments, while others sat on the couch watching, but pointed out when we missed a spot. It was indeed a fun afternoon and we look forward to our Holiday Party tomorrow.
In the mean time we will work on our Holiday stockings for our loved ones. 

Henry and Rosemary were great at pointing out spots we missed.

Nelly was an awesome ordainment hanger.

Ashley, our volunteer and Carolyn worked great together at getting the hooks on some difficult ordainments.

Don looks good next to our finished tree.

Gladys is ready for presents.
Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms!

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