Friday, December 5, 2014

San Carlos Elms Starts the Holidays off Right with Annual Holiday Party

This year The Elms really did a fabulous job on their Holiday Party. We had wine, live music, delicious food made right here at The Elms, but this year we had a photo booth and it was so much fun putting on hats posing with Santa, we all just had an amazing time!
enjoy the pictures below.
Alyce with her family.

Ruth with her daughter and Mary with her daughter and granddaughter.

Elizabeth with her family.

Don and Marge.

We got Jim, Bill Mabel (Jim's wife), and Shirley.

Bernella, Joan, and friend.

Hoffman family.

The photo booth was great for all ages, the staff and Residents were lined up to take turns. 
Sylvia, one of The Elms board members even took time to take a picture with Santa.

Joan and her daughter.

Caroline and her family with friend, Dean.

Helen and daughter.

Mary's family.

The Holiday gift fund committee.

Cindy receiving her gift.

Willy receiving his.
From all of us here at San Carlos Elms we wish you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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