Friday, September 9, 2016

San Carlos Elms Enjoys their Annual Staff Appreciation Day

We can't say enough "thank you's" to our outstanding staff.
Without their dedication and compassionate care, we would not be the highly regarded community we are. We owe our success to our staff. As we all know it's not the shiny building that makes residents and their families happy, it's the happy cheerful employees that makes everyone happy.
Today was a celebration of our employees and their families and to say Thank You!
 A group of the staff Personal Care Attendants, Housekeepers and Activity staff all enjoying some time together.

Even our House Dog Curley was able to join in the fun with our Director of Health Services, Maribel.

Lupe was so happy that we had dessert---Churro's!

This was Adrianna's first Employee Appreciation Day.
She was so happy when her name was called.

Raquel, receptionist was the first lucky winner.
Raquel is going to Disneyland.

Server, Margie was ecstatic with her 55" T.V.

P.C.A., Raquel was happy with her laptop.

Server, Ailyn was overjoyed with her 40" T.V.

P.C.A., Meiling was shocked with her GoPro.

Cook, Fabricio was happy with his crock-pot.

Server, Diana said "I'm giving this to my grandson for his birthday."
Congratulations to all the staff!!!!
Thank you each and everyday for all your hard work and dedication!!!

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