Friday, December 1, 2017

Arroyo School Visits San Carlos Elms

The Residents enjoyed hearing Arroyo 4th grade students stories that they created.
The students also came with wonderful questions to get to know their senior buddies.
We had such a fun time today that we are looking forward to 2018 when the students come back to have a Wii bowling tournament with our Residents.
Emily enjoyed reading the story with the author.
Helen enjoyed her stories and visiting with her two students.
 Caroline loves it when students come to visit.
Sue is intrigued with what the students are doing in school now.

Bob had so much fun laughing with his authors.

Dan loved being interviewed.
Thank you to teacher, Krista and her two helpers with all the students.

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A.C.C. Lunch

 The Elms was proud to be a sponsor for The Adult Community Center's Spring lunch.