Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A Volunteer Brightens Our Residents Day

 A volunteer called and asked what she could do for our Residents during this time. We suggested writing a letter to brighten a Residents day.

Brianna went above and beyond! She wrote and designed a card for each Resident in our community. 

Thank you, Brianna, for taking the time to create all these wonderful cards.

Dolores thought this was so cute, box of love.

Stewart wanted to show off his card.

Lucie thought it was so sweet of Brianna to make all of these cards.

A WWII veteran, Gene said, "Now this is a card I am keeping for a long time."

Nellie enjoyed her card.

Jeannette was all smiles with her card.

Alyce has two cats and loved her cat in the box card.

Sue is a chef and loves maple syrup, this card was made just for her.

Margarita, loving to craft herself, enjoyed the time this must have taken Brianna to create.
Thank you again Brianna for all of your hard work and dedication.

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