Monday, August 23, 2021

Fun Times in August


 Madeline is always a treat for us!

We can't forget George who is just a delight on guitar!
Wii Bowling
Tom is our newest bowler and we think he has done this before.

Jeanette has a great follow through.
Arts & Crafts 
They designed their own traveling mugs.

Current Events
Our most dedicated Volunteer, Carol Zooms in twice a week to discuss Current Events with our Residents
The Residents are happy to meet as a group now, then individually in their apartments.

Root Beer Float Social

Stewart even helped with recycling at the end of the social.
Thank you Stewart!

Spirit Care Visit
Rev. Sue Ann Zooms in once a month to visit with our Residents for some spiritual guidance.
We have been so blessed to have Rev. Sue Ann send weekly prayer to our Residents during this time.
One of our most popular activities here.
The Residents are happy that they are all playing at the same time now.
Hope you enjoyed a peak into our community.
Thank you!!

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