Thursday, September 9, 2021

A Week's Worth of Activities Caught on Camera

Sydney is a student from Carlmont High School and she has been donating her time and talent with our Residents from a far. She might not be able to visit with our Residents, but she touches their hearts each month with a month book and craft she has made just for them. 
Thank you Sydney!

Musical Performances
Wendell on keyboards.

George, who started as a volunteer now comes in monthly to perform for our Residents.
Wii Bowling 
The Residents enjoy bowling and cheering one another on. Tom is our newest bowler and he is getting the hang of it, maybe his new shirt helps.

Current Events
Carol voluntary Zooms in twice a week to discuss Current Events with our Residents.
We are happy to be back in small groups to share our opinions with one another.

We have Bingo three times a week, per our Residents request and we have all different types of cards so each Resident feels comfortable playing. What is the best is when they help one another out.
Hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into our community.

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