Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Veterans Day!

San Carlos Elms had an exciting couple of days for our Veteran Residents.

Yesterday we started honoring our Residents with the help from our friends at Kindred Hospice. They presented each of our Veteran Residents with a certificate and a flag pin to show their appreciation for our Residents service.

Mary Margaret & Roger were happy when they received their certificates.

John was all smiles, for his service in the Marines.

Gene was happy to receive his certificate and his pin. You can see some of his other awards behind him.
Each resident received a Veterans Day card from members of The Odd Fellows.

We were also honored to have Boy Scout Troop 321 at The Elms this morning.

They practiced on one side of the patio.

Then when they were ready,

The put on a service for our Resident watching from the other side of the patio.

The Residents were delighted to have the Boy Scout Troop here on such a special day for them.

Thank you to Boy Scout Troop 321 for making this a memorable Veterans Day.
Thank you to all of the musicians who performed today, to the troop leaders and all of the parents.

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