Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Let's See What the Residents are Doing

The Residents are getting ready for the New Year 2022.
 Helene is all smiles with her creation.

 Jeanette is happy with hers too.

 Bill couldn't wait to put his up on his door.

 Joyce was telling everyone that didn't make it, she come see what they missed.

Conrad on Guitar

The Residents enjoy listening to Conrad's voice along with his guitar playing.

Spirit Care with Rev. Sue Ann

Sue Ann Zooms in with our Residents once a month to make sure all of their spiritual needs are met. She is wonderful for all denominations. Rev. Sue Ann sends our Residents weekly prayers and meets with our Memory Program once a month too with Kathryn on the piano. 
Thank you Rev Sue and Spirit Care!

Peninsula Jewish Community Center
Jane Skinner is in charge of the Adult Programs and Get up & Go Manager at the P.J.C.C, she has welcomed any and all of our residents to partake in their bi weekly Zooms.
This past week we had showtime and story time with members of the P.J.C.C. Bill shared some of his artwork. Jane shared a necklace she brought back from India. Other members shared gifts and wedding photos. It was a lot of fun. 
Thank you P.J.C.C for welcoming us! 
 George on Guitar
George started as a volunteer at the Elms three years ago.

We are happy to have him on a monthly visit now.

Social Tea
We enjoy a weekly tea, catching up with old friends.

Or making new ones.

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