Friday, December 9, 2022

Holiday Party

 It has been a long time since we were able to celebrate with Staff, Residents and Family, but we did it masks and all. 

Please take some time to enjoy all of the holiday cheer in these photos.

Pedro had the best energy and best outfit for the day. Thank you Pedro!!!
Marilyn Cooney performed on piano.

Roz and her friends

Alyce and her family

June and Paul
Bill with his family (Dennis & Cindy)

Florence with Hazel and her family

Gloria and her daughter.

Jeannette with her family

Florence and Helen

Nick smiled for the camera and took some great photo's too.

Frances and her son

Connie with her daughter

Greta and Sam smile for the camera.

Jessie tries not to laugh with Pedro's photo bomb.

Stewart and his family

Shirley and her family along with Richard.

Dolores and Rigo and their family.

Nancy with her friend.

Francesca and her family.

Four generations at one table, the McCarroll Family.

Gerdi cheers to the camera.
Lisa with her mom Helen.

Martha and Helene's family.

Joyce and her family.

Magda, Marlin and her son along with Dora.

Tillie and her family.

Mary and her daughter, Janis.

Bart and Jack with Pedro our Elms Elf!

Jim and Jean with their family.
Mary, Connie and Helen our red ladies of the day.
Thank you to all of the families and friends who attended today's Holiday Party.
Thank you to all of the staff who helped put this together. 

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