Monday, May 22, 2023

Congratulations Hometown Day Committee

 Here is to another year of a fun and cheerful Hometown Day parade. Special thanks to John Durkin, everyone at the Park and Recreation Linda Scannell, Tommy Cook, Lauren Schneider, Wendy Schettino and all the volunteers who came out to support their community this past weekend.

San Carlos Elms would like to congratulate all of the parade winners. 

We were delighted that we came in first place for commercial vehicles.

Here's to everyone that participated!

Mayor of San Carlos Adam Rak.
Congressman Kevin Mullin.

Senator Josh Becker.

Ketty, thanks the local Sheriff's Department.

The Dining Staff poses with the Fire Department.

All about knowing your roots here in San Carlos.
Here is to the San Carlos Elms and their first place commercial vehicles.
Congratulations to everyone on a successful weekend!

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