Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day from San Carlos Elms

Today we are celebrating a sensational Father's day on this first day of summer.
Let's see how the Resident fathers enjoyed their gifts today from The Elms.
All the men enjoyed their chocolate cigars in different ways.
Henry wanted to pose with his cigar.

George did too.
Ray wanted to know the year of the chocolate.

Gordon was hoping it was real.

Gene loved his cigar.

Bill enjoyed his cigar and his wife Carol got a good laugh too.
Terry wanted to enjoy his in bed.

Happy Father's day and Birthday to Allen who enjoyed his cigar in his chair.

Bill was all smiles with his cigar.

Bob wanted to eat his right away.

Bob was showing his off to everyone that came in.

Don loves to joke around, no surprise he did with his cigar too.

Edmund enjoyed his cigar in his apartment.

Howard did too.

Boris had his for a dessert after breakfast.

Charles did too.

Jim couldn't wait to bit into his cigar. 
Tom wanted to wait till at least after lunch.

Wally wanted his in bed.
Happy Father's day to all our dads here at San Carlos Elms and to all the dads in the world.
Have a Wonderful Father's Day!

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