Thursday, April 14, 2022

Guest this Week

 Peninsula Jewish Community Center
Jane Skinner has done a fantastic job during this time to make sure that members of the P.J.C.C., including our residents here at San Carlos Elms, are not completely isolated. 
She has put a wonderful biweekly group together for musicals and socials.

This week we had the privilege to listen to Cantor Elana. She took us on a journey through the Haggadah as we retold the Passover story through symbolism and song.

Thank you P.J.C.C, Jane Skinner, Cantor Elana and all of the members for welcoming our residents into your program.

Shades of Grey Perform
One of our family members is a member of Shades of Grey and we are always honored to have them here to perform for our Residents.

After their performance we had several Residents follow them up to our Memory Care Program to hear them again.

Wendell Performs
When Wendell is here, he always gets our Residents moving and exercising.

Maddaline on Piano
Maddaline plays the piano beautifully and her voice is captivating.

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