Friday, April 8, 2022

Weekly Activities

Root Beer Float Social
This warm weather has been inviting us to have not one, but two root beer floats socials this week.
June, Paul and Anita enjoyed their floats on the patio.

Eleanor and Nancy enjoyed theirs in the Lobby.

Helene, Jeanette and Gloria enjoyed their time together.

While the staff are training in the other room, we all enjoyed our root beer float cart in the lobby.

Helen and Nancy enjoyed another day of root beer floats.

Carole was all smiles with hers.

Residents were happy to hear that Precious was back to perform.

Wii Bowling
Bill was so excited about his high score in bowling this week.
Congratulations Bill! 

Monthly Gifts from Sydney
Sydney is a student volunteer from Carlmont High School. She has delivered a gift to our residents with a monthly booklet with fun facts about the month of April. This months crafted gift was a bookmark.

Thank you again Sydney for all your hard work and dedication!

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