Friday, November 11, 2022

Veterans Day

 San Carlos Elms started honoring our Resident Veterans with Kindred Hospice.

They provided certificates of appreciation for each of our nineteen Resident Veterans.

Chaplin Sonny from Santa Clara Post 418 presented and saluted each of our Resident Veterans. 

Mary Margaret, Army

Stewart, Army

Terry, Army

Bart, Navy
David, Air Force

Sonny also took some time to answer residents questions about the American Legion.
Our Residents were excited to speak with him and honor Sonny for his service.

Special Thanks to our Staff


Firstlight Home Care had a special treat for our staff who serve all of our residents.

Jim Carteris, owner of Firstlight Home Care brought our staff a taco truck to enjoy with each other and introduce us to his staff.

Thank you Firstlight for acknowledging our hard working staff. We appreciated the afternoon.

Boy Scout Troop 321 Veterans Day Service
Troop 321 has been honoring our Veterans for the past eleven years, even during the pandemic. 
We were so excited to have them in our community again to celebrate this special day with our Resident Veterans.

Thank you again for Troop 321 always showing their dedication to the Residents here at San Carlos Elms.

Thank you to all of the Veterans for your service!

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