Friday, June 24, 2022

Activities Safely Happening

Residents enjoy their Bingo time.

We are so happy to have Jeanette back playing Bingo.

Guest Speakers
Jan brought in her artwork and discussed the "Appreciation of Animals".

Her beautiful artwork.

Zooming with P.J.C.C.
Social visit with the P.J.C.C. thanks to Jane Skinner!

Jane is retiring from the P.J.C.C she shared some moments with us over the many years of service with the Peninsula Jewish Community Center.

We will miss Jane, but wish her luck on her future endeavors. 

Current Events
We can't forget our most loyal volunteer, Carol!

She has had her hands full with everything going on in the news.
Thank you, Carol, for all your demanding work and dedication.

Wii Bowling

Tom is getting really good at this.

Jeanette has been a pro since day one!

Bill shows off his moves.

Conrad Performs

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