Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Recent Activities

 Here at San Carlos Elms, we have a variety of activities.
Please enjoy, moments caught on camera.

Diana is one of our newest vocalist. 
Our Residents are happy that she will be back again.

Welcome to The Elms Diana!

Joseph came in to perform for our Residents on behalf of Healthy Living Home Care.

Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your talent with our Residents and we look forward to hearing you again.

Our Residents enjoyed singing along with Joseph.

Board Games
Residents enjoyed playing San Carlos-opoly.

We have another group of Residents who enjoy playing Kings card game.

Monthly Gifts 
Sydney, a volunteer from Carlmont Highschool, prepared succulents for a group of Residents. She also prepared a lovely booklet with information about the month of June.

Helen, will add her succulent to her garden.

Gretta was happy to receive one as well.

Preparing for Father's Day.
Yvette, one of our activity assistants, hand drew all of the images. Residents had a choice to either paint or use pencils to fill in Yvette's artwork.

Jeanette's finished work.

Bill's finished work, along with his frame he designed.

Winifred joined in too.

Her finished project, well done Winifred!

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