Friday, June 17, 2022

Having Fun!

Precious always has a wonderful performance prepared for our Residents.

Fina loves Precious energy she brings to The Elms.

Madeline's performance is always breathtaking. 

We enjoy her singing, piano skills and of course her fur baby.

Round of applause for Madeline.

Root Beer Float Social
The hot days we have had lately, what could be better than a root beer float.

Tillie is enjoying hers to the last drop.

Jorge enjoying his float.

What could be better than a root beer float with friends on a sweltering day?

Funny, how the residents are enjoying their floats with exercise on our in-house channel playing.
We all deserve a day off from exercising.

Cheers, from Bill!

Florence is always ready for a root beer float.

Game Time!
Residents enjoy getting together for some board games.

Rummikub with Lucie, Bill, Anne and Sid.

Kings with Tillie, Jeanette and Helene.

Spiritual Guidance
We are lucky to have Rev. Sue Ann from Spirit Care join us for a monthly prayer group, including all our different spiritual backgrounds.
Rev. Sue Ann still sends us weekly prayers, which are handed out each week to residents who request it.

Literature Lecture with Darwin
Darwin brings in a crowd with his fascinating lectures.
Thank you Darwin!

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